Local hip-hop collective just dropped a massive banger you can't not dance to

Music 21/02/2017

Coming out of New Zealand is creative collective AmmoNation with their latest offering ‘Forever’ featuring crew members Raiza Biza, NASH, Blaze The Emperor and Bianca Paulus.

The collective includes musicians, producers and creative minds with the aim of pushing the boundaries to capacity and supporting one another in their individual music careers. A powerful force they bring by operating as a single unit.

‘Forever’ is an uptempo funk style track that within seconds of pressing play drives you to get out of your seat and dance! From the feel good hook to the powerful verses AmmoNation are ready to make you aware of their unique style and ‘Forever’ solidifies this.

AmmoNation are a collective who bring fresh ideas to the current landscape that is global hip hop. The collective opened up to us about the ideas and authenticity behind their music. 

Raiza Biza: "We've been working on a lot of music in the last 6 months, and because of how different all of the AmmoNation members are, its been an enjoyable challenge trying to shape aspects of our sound for the sake of cohesiveness, but I feel that we are finding that now, and I'm looking forward to releasing more music with the team."

Nash: '"Forever' has been through so many sound changes, that it is almost unrecognizable when put next to the original, but the process has been enjoyable. But the fact that every aspect of the track was created in-house is probably the most satisfying."

“The song basically sets the scene for our debut EP with Red Bull Studios Auckland as well as showcases our different strengths and unique sound as a clique.

We tried to steer away from traditional Hip-Hop to show we can make a record that transcends the limitations of genre.”

Blaze the Emperor: "My style is very different from what you hear on 'Forever' but the beauty is that we all have to step out of our comfort zones to create, and as an artist, that type of versatility is becoming more and more important."

AmmoNation gear up for their set at Soundsplash 2017

The crew are also in the midst of creating an official video for ‘Forever’ which will be dropped in the coming weeks with a new remix artist being featured. While this is happening they are also very close to completing their debut compilation which has been recorded at Red Bull Studios Auckland for the past couple of months.

This release will be accompanied by a party in their hometown of Auckland which is sure to be a wild night.

If ‘Forever’ is anything to go by we are going to get something very unique and as AmmoNation always do, a boundary pushing release which will no doubt garner attention within their hometown of Auckland and most-likely extending to New Zealand and Australia.