The 2pac & Flume mashup album you had no idea you needed

Music 09/02/2017

Perth-based producer Jaymee Franchina was so into Flume’s debut album, back in 2013 he released a full album with some of Notorious B.I.G’s lyrics mixed into Flume’s production.

B.I.G. Flume got over 20 million plays and Flume himself gave the album his tick of approval and reshared it… it was only a matter of time before we got a Skin mashup.

Introducing B.I.G. Flume Part 2Pac.

Franchina told Music Feeds, “This mixtape was forever coming, after creating the first album and see it blow up, people were asking if I ever was to release another one. So over the years I created several mashup mixtapes whilst awaiting for Flumes new album.”

“I loved creating this album, but it was difficult as Tupac Shakur is an incredible rapper but to have him hitting the correct vocals on Flume’s unique beat took time to craft,” said Franchina.

Some of 2Pac's biggest tunes are featured, including 'Changes', 'Ghetto Gospel,' 'Hit Em Up' and 'Me Against The World'. 

Occasionally the lyric placement feels a little forced, but by and large we’re digging the shit out of this.

Check it out below, it's up for free download. Let us know what you think.