The Nokia 3310 is making a comeback


The Nokia 3310 cellphone - that beautiful brick everyone had in 2001 - could be making a comeback after undergoing a re-invention.

The new release will be a homage to the classic phone, tech writer Evan Blass has revealed.

But what the new features there are remains a mystery. The remake looks promising though, as Nokia has posted twice on Facebook in the last day, referring to the 3310.

It's rumoured the new 3310 will have the nearly indestructible build and epic battery life just like its ancestor, but with the brains of a modern smartphone.

They'll be sold for 59 euros (NZ$87), reports say. That's a small price to pay for fans of the original snake game.

Nokia struggled in the smartphone market and was eventually bought by Microsoft. Since then it has found a niche in making new versions of its old phones that were so popular in the cellphone revolution at the turn of the century.