WATCH: Prank video shows obscenely hot girls pulling each other's pants down in public


This is one of the most epic prank war videos we've seen. Booty, booty, booty, pies to the face, air horns and more booty.

We’ve always been big fans of the seven sexy ladies over at eighty83three.

Funny girls doing funny shit on camera... what's not to like?    

Last week the Australian babes engaged in a 'pussy slap war'. Yes, that’s right, they literally walked around in public slapping each other in the pussy.

All in the name of entertainment... 

Now, somehow the entertainers have already outdone pussy wars  (!?) with an epic prank video that essentially just shows sexy girls pulling each other’s pants down.

This activity is often referred to as 'sharking', a humble sport that rose to popularity in Japan. To partake all you need to do is surprise an unsuspecting victim by de-pantsing them.

Simple, fun, cheeky, tactical.

We'd shark it up in the George office, although our booties don't have quite the same appeal as the ones in the video below.