Azealia Banks dodges jail over breast-biting assault

News 17/03/2017

Troubled rapper Azealia Banks has admitted biting a female bouncer's breast in a 2015 assault, but will avoid jail time as part of a plea deal.

The '212' hitmaker has been ordered to take part in an anger management programme, continue mental health treatment and stay out of trouble for a year - failure to do so could land her in jail for 12 months.

The attack took place outside a nightclub in New York, where Banks was "screaming at the top of her lungs" and "cursing" after being thrown out of an invite-only party.

She then allegedly spat in the bouncer's face, punched her and bit her breast, before being charged with a misdemeanour of third-degree assault, attempted assault, disorderly conduct and harassment violations.

Banks admitted to Judge Ann Scherzer that biting the woman's breast was intentional.

The case was set to go to court this week, but Banks instead pleaded guilty to third-degree assault in exchange for a deferred no-jail sentence.

It's the latest controversy for Banks, who was banned from Twitter last year over racist abusemocked Hillary Clinton fans as a Donald Trump supporter, released a shocking chicken sacrifice video and was thrown out of a party of Russell Crowe's after causing a ruckus.