Jay Bulletproof's top new music picks of the week

new music 28/03/2017


New Zealand's own HIGH HOOPS has been making waves not just at home but abroad as well, recently making it into Billboard's top 300 viral tracks, which is a huge look for the man known to his friends and family as Jordan Arts.

He’s been super active over the last couple of years since Kids of 88 disbanded, with his involvement with Leisure and the HIGH HOOPS moniker.

This new jam 'Burn It Up' showcases just how talented he is, not just on production but vocals, keys, and pretty much everything else. 


If you’ve ever had the pleasure of partying to NZ favourites Weird Together, chances are you’ve been wowed by the precise rhythmic skills of Izak Chads, Weird Together’s percussionist.

Not only is he a badman on the bongos – He’s also pretty damn hot on the buttons. His Digital Playground Project consists of him and co-producer Carl Mayo, who have teamed up with Auckland vocalist Omega Levigne for this awesome future bass inspired jam 'Excuses'.

I'm picking this one’s going to become a George favourite. You heard it here first on George FM Nights.

Unfortunately, we can't put it online yet, cause it hasn't been officially relesed yet. Yeeeeeow! That's some exclusive shit. Keep George Nights locked. 


I don’t know what it is about Third3ye's Melodownz, but his raps about food always get my head nodding. First he bought the flavour like yum yum noodles with K+LAB, Now he’s teaming up for a dinner date with 17-year-old producer LSJ, who's been working with the likes of montell2099 recently.

This tracks turn butter chicken and naan bread into something more special (and spicy) than I've ever experienced before, and quite frankly, I'm gagging for a curry and naan. This track is out now on the Grow Room's Exhibition IV: Side A.

Melodownz might have released it as a troll, but with LSJ's old school funk sample from Sue Barker's 'Love To The People', the beat's sick and the lyrics are both v. relatable and fucking hilarious. Go and search out Melodownz and LSJ on bandcamp and support their curry habit.