Snoop Dogg shoots Trump over a Kaytranada & BBNG beat

new music 14/03/2017

Snoop Dogg has jumped on Kaytranada and BADBADNOTGOOD’s tune ‘Lavendar’, released late last year, and turned the funky beat into a political protest anthem.

The raps are dark, relevant to the current political climate in the U.S and speak largely about police brutality.  

"Sinister, spit truth like a minister
So I until I’m a monster, when it’s the right time
Night time, n**** tryna creep
And keep from dyin’ in these motherf*ckin’ streets
f*ck the police, from a black man’s point of view."

In the video we follow a satirical Trump character, plastered in Clown make-up, who goes by the name “Ronald Klump ” and wants to deport all the “Doggs.”

The video comes to an hilarious climax when Snoop pulls out a fake gun and holds it against Parody Trump’s head, shoots, then leans back and takes a big ol’ toke on his J.     

The concept was conceived by director and YouTube star Jesse Wellens, during a smoking session with Snoop Dogg himself (they share the same manager). So the idea for the video was born before they even had the tune…

Excellent choice Snoop.

You can’t go wrong, using a beat from the Canadian dream team and frequent collaborators, Kaytranada and BADBADNOTGOOD.

Neither BADBADNOTGOOD or Kaytranada were involved creatively in the video. The first they heard about the remix was when Snoop posted this video to his Insta about 6 months ago.

BADBADNOTGOOD’s Leland Whitty said: "I woke up one morning. Alex [another BBNG band member] had sent me the Instagram video and I was like, 'This is crazy. Snoop Dogg’s probably one of the first rappers I ever listened to,'" he recalled. "It’s cool [for Snoop] to just turn something we didn’t have any emotional connection to and [associate it] with something so relevant right now ... It kind of sounds like he’s rapping the way that he would in the ‘90s, and it brings out a lot of things that I haven’t really heard in a lot of his more recent music. So that was really neat, too."

Watch the new video below.