Kygo debuts two unreleased tracks at Ultra Music Festival

new music 27/03/2017

Kygo appeared on stage as an unannounced guest, at Ultra Music Festival on Friday night. Dropping a short and sweet 20-minute set, which included two new songs, yet to be officially released.

The first track is titled "Never Let You Go". It's a classic, uplifting Kygo anthem, with a soaring male vocalist, upbeat percussion and his signature scintillating synths.  

And if you thought that was a little on the cheesy side of EDM... the second track, titled "Kids In Love," out does the first in feel good vibes. With jubilant piano, rumbling bass, joyous vocals and a heavily auto-tuned female vocal kicking in on the bridge. It's Kygo doing what Kygo does best.. being undeniably catchy af.

Check out the Ultra footage above (sourced from YourEDM) and let us know your thoughts.