Lorde opens up about break ups and new music

Music 03/03/2017

Kiwi pop singer Lorde has opened up about the heartbreak of a relationship ending as the inspiration for her first solo track since her debut album, Pure Heroine.

"The song is kind of about the last kind of year or so of my life," she said.

"I moved out of home and - it's my own house - and basically had this amazing year of independence and freedom and figuring out all this stuff about myself."

She reveals that process started with her well-reported break-up with Kiwi photographer James Lowe.

"It started with a relationship ending so it's kind of a heartbreak song but it's sort of more about that journey to being okay in the end. Because I am okay - I'm great, and the record feels that way."

"It's a complex song - there's a lot going on," she added, but refused to open up more on her personal life, saying she's "very boring [because] I just work all the time".

Her sophomore album, from which 'Green Light' is part, is called Melodrama - and the Devonport-raised 20-year-old says she's been working on it for "almost probably 18 months".

"I did take a big chunk of time [off] - I came home to New Zealand and just pissed around really," she explained.

"I went to the beach all the time and ate a lot of delicious food and had some ice creams and mucked around, and then I felt like I was ready to go over there and start making it."

The 'Team' hitmaker says she has been listening to plenty of her first album in an attempt to get a feel for where her fans last heard of her solo work.

"Something I would do writing this album was I would listen to a bunch of new stuff we had done and then I would push play on some of Pure Heroine, just to see - because you make all this stuff and you forget you left people at this point three, four years ago.

"The wonderful thing about it is [Pure Heroine] really does sound like something that came out of a bedroom - but my voice was pretty janky back then! I feel a bit better now!"

Lorde's life changed hugely after the release of that album. She rose to superstardom not just in New Zealand, but across the world - her song 'Royals' climbing to the top of the US Billboard charts in 2013.

With that has come all the perks of being rich and famous, a lifestyle she calls "very colourful".

"I get to go to all these amazing places and travel, it's wonderful. But, I mean, the main difference is that I have so much money to buy food for everyone I know!"

"Food and alcohol I find are the main things now I can treat everyone I know."

The new LP has had plenty of influence from US singer-songwriter Jack Antonoff, who Lorde has been friends with for a long time.

"From the first day [in the studio] it was very, very clear that we were going to do a lot of stuff together," she said.

For 10 months they "spent every single day together… it was so fun."

Lorde refused to reveal when Melodrama would be released, but she noted in another interview that she would return to New Zealand to perform.