Sachi announce their 'Heavy Breathing' re-up winner

Music 16/03/2017

Red Bull Studios joined forces with Sachi, to run a competition for rising producers. 

The challenge? Re-up Sachi's no.1 banger 'Heavy Breathing.'

(Interestingly, Sachi got their first big break by remixing a PNC tune, for a similar comp run by Red Bull.)

With a day in the Auckland Red Bull Studios and a pair of KRK Rokit G3 6’s in Ltd Edition White (courtesy of The Rockshop) up for grabs, no surprises, there was a shitload of talented entries. The Sachi boys had a tough decision to make...

Will and Nick came up to the George studios to announce the winner.

Hamilton up-and-comer, Stuss. 

If you were lucky enough to catch Mr. Carmack at Neck of the Woods earlier this year, Stuss was the producer who opened for the legend (and successfully turned us all into frothing animals prior to Carmack's killer set). 

Check out Stuss' flip of 'Heavy Breathing,' and rest assured this banger is going straight to the George playlist.

While you're here, might as well go ahead and give Stuss a cheeky follow on SoundCloud. He's got a plethora of sick beats up there already, and this guy is sure to deliver more big tunes.  

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