Four tracks from Gorillaz new album have leaked

music news 22/03/2017

After the supposed tracklist of the much anticipated upcoming album from Gorillaz leaked online a few days ago, it looks like some of the tracks have too.

It appears that four of the new tunes from the album have been leaked, including the collaboration track with Danny Brown (suspected to be titled Submission).

We don't really condone leaks here at George - not because it's naughty, but because it means the music was stolen, so the artists who worked so hard will not profit in any way. Artists are already suffering with the decline in hard copy sales and streaming services offering minimal payouts, so we aren't going to contribute to this further by giving you the exact location that you can find the leaked tracks. 

In saying that, if you just can't wait for the official album drop, we think you'll find what you're looking for with a simple google search along the lines of 'leaked Gorillaz tracks'.

You didn't hear it from us...

And in more Gorillaz news, plans to reissue their 2005 album Demon Days on vinyl have surfaced today:

This upcoming album has some mad hype.