WATCH: AmmoNation light up Raglan in 'Forever' music video

music video 09/03/2017

Vice’s music channel, Noisey, just premiered Kiwi Hip-Hop collective, AmmoNation’s new music video for ‘Forever’.

This is the first single off their upcoming debut EP – due March 21st.

'Forever' boasts a feel good beat and chilled out verses from the collective’s Raiza Biza, NASH and Blaze the Emperor, between a chorus fronted by Bianca Paulus’ smooth vocals. It's a banger that will put you in the mood to groove real quick.

NASH said: “The song basically sets the scene for our debut EP with Red Bull Studios Auckland, as well as showcasing our different strengths and unique sound as a clique.

We tried to steer away from traditional Hip-Hop, to show we can make a record that transcends the limitations of genre.”

Blaze The Emperor, NASH and Tia Drummer 

A feel good tune needs a feel good visual, right?

Shot on a Sony A7, creating a crisp and vintage feel, the video shows AmmoNation's festival experience at SoundSplash earlier this year. 

NASH explains: "Soundsplash was a surreal experience and one of our best shows to date. We had the full band with myself on keys and everything was so fluid. All I can say is Raglan knows how to have a good time."

Jay Bulletproof can’t get enough of the tune. You’ll probably have heard ‘Forever’ on George Nights. The 'Forever' remix, featuring a new verse from Melodownz, only adding further fire to a  huge tune. 


'Forever' is a very solid introduction to AmmoNation's upcoming EP. We're frothing to hear the rest.

NASH shared a little bit of insight with us on what we can expect:

“Basically towards the end of last year, we spent a week at Red Bull Studios Auckland to record our debut EP as a collective. Executive produced, mixed and mastered by yours truly. We've always put out music as solo artists but thought it was time to solidify AmmoNation as a collective and show everyone we can make art and move as a unit.”

“The EP has 4 tracks and is dropping on the 21st of March. It features a track from each solo artist myself, Raiza Biza, Blaze The Emperor and the girls Bianca Paulus and Jane Deezy have a collaboration. Expect to hear production from local producers such as STUSS and Crime Heat.”

To celebrate the EP, they'll be throwing a release party on the 31st of March at REC. Catch you there!