David Dallas talks his new album and staying authentic

music interviews 24/04/2017

Last week, David Dallas visited the George studios ahead of dropping his new album Hood Country Club on Friday 21st of April.

He premiered his new single 'Probably', the opening track on the album, which he describes as: "the statement of intent."

We were fortunate enough to see him perform 'Probably' last month live at the George studios. It absolutely blew our minds. Huge tune. 

Dan was frothing to find out what it was called moments into the opening bars. 

D.Dot also talked authenticity, lyricism and the meaning behind Hood Country Club with Dan. 

Everyone wants affluent things, you know the polos and the nice cars. Everyone wants stuff like that.

But you never want to do that to the detriment of what you are. You still want to keep some sort of realness.

Listen to the full interview above or go straight to the music below.