Head to the West Coast and dance like a dork with Baynk


Baynk premiered his new single, Poolside, last week on George Drive.

No surprises, we’re already completely obsessed. 

This is the first time we’re hearing Baynk’s voice, and damn son, he’s been hiding some serious talent. 

Baynk explained: “It’s the first proper song I’ve produced, written and sung lyrics on myself so it’s close to my heart.”

“I wrote the song sitting next to my friends pool, when I was having worries about whether or not I’ll ever find someone right for me. It’s not about any girl in particular, more about someone I haven’t or might never meet.”

Wow. Did we just hear the entire Nation's panties drop? 

The music video has been officially released today. 

To match the Summer vibe in Poolside, Baynk’s shot the whole video on some of our most beloved West Coast beaches; Karekare, Bethells and Murawai. 

“The video’s not really themed I just wanted to shoot at a beach so I could get one shot of that truck racing down the beach whilst I danced on the back, but we got it stuck as soon as we touched sand so we had to improvise."


"The West Coast scenery is unbelievably ridiculous so we had to shoot there. I just wanted to have fun dancing like a dork with my friends, so that’s what we did.”

Baynk funded the video, came up with the concept and directed it himself. 

Also, props to Baynk's steeze.

He credits George Carey as the wardrobe master in the video.

That parka/upturned bucket hat combo though.  

Baynk also enlisted the help of his friend Connor Pritchard to shoot, edit and co-direct the video, and a couple of his friends from uni jumped on board as dancers. 

The finished video is a masterpiece.

You can see that for yourself above.

Stay tuned for updates on Baynk’s upcoming EP.