YouTuber roasts Chainsmoker's music writing techniques

funny shit 24/04/2017

The Chainsmokers - often referred to as the EDM world’s answer to Nickelback - are a band that cop a lot of hate.

They’ve become heroes of electro-douchebaggery for all the fuck boys of the world to idolise; from sharing their combined dick size on their website (17.34 inches. Not that you ever needed that fun dick tidbit of information) to openly acknowledging they make big bank tunes just so they can: “hook up with hotter girls.”

Yes, that's a quote.

"Even before success, p*ssy was number one. Like, 'Why am I trying to make all this money?' I wanted to hook up with hotter girls. I had to date a model."

If that sounds like everything you've ever wanted. You're in luck.

One YouTuber has recently cracked The Chainsmoker's money-making, de-ja-vu-sounding, generic-electronic-music-producing code.

Truly taking laughing at The Chainsmokers to a whole new and hilarious level…

John Fassold broke down exactly how to write a Chainsmokers song on his Snapchat. All he needed was three chords, some generic objects in his room and a random noun generator.

Fassold's got some real stellar advice for budding electro-douchebags like:

"You wanna find lyrics that talk about how hard it is being white and in love."


“If you just can’t think of anything to write about, point your finger at a map, pick a place and fake about how you used to go there. 

The parody is so accurate, it’s gone completely viral. A week after uploading his Snapchat story to YouTube, Fassold’s video has already got well over 4 million views.

Too good.

Check it out above.