Kendrick's new DNA. video takes you on one dark joyride

music video 19/04/2017

Kendrick Lamar just dropped his new music video for 'DNA.' one of the opening tracks from DAMN. and arguably the heaviest tune of the album.

The song appears to be celebrating his black DNA., what he's made of, his culture, while expressing his disdain for those who oppress or profit from it.

There's more Jesus comparisons in this one too. He compare his birth to the Immaculate Conception (when v. Mary fell pregnant to God).

"I was born like this, since one like this
Immaculate conception
I transform like this, perform like this
Was Yeshua's new weapon"

Yeshua is a Hebrew spelling of Jesus, linking back to Judaism. 

The same man behind DAMN.’s debut single ‘HUMBLE,’ Mike Will Made It, also produced 'DNA.'

This new visual, directed by Nabil and The Little Homies (aka the visionary duo Kendrick and his manager Dave Free), also stars none other than DON FUCKING CHEADLE. 

It largely depicts Cheadle and Kendrick in an interrogation scene.

Cheadle opens the video with: “Kendrick Lamar, two first names, huh… what the fuck is up with that!?”  

We learn about a Dead N***a Association, then watch some savage body swapping action. Cheadle goes from grilling a cuffed Kendrick, hooked up to a lie detector, to switching the machine on, getting shocked by Kendrick’s magical mind powers, and then begins ruthlessly spitting the 'DNA.' lyrics

Post beat switch up, Cheadle’s freed Kendrick and collapsed, making way for a flurry of cutaways: Kendrick joins a group of friends out on the street, there's female joyrides, paparazzi flashes, dice rolling, a funeral procession, an erratic zoom of Tupac and Snoop in a big picture frame rested on a mantel, a blackjack table... all before School Boy Q notices a camera, follows is and punches it out, concluding the video. 

Also, if you're curious the Chinese writing reads "Kung Fu Kenny", an alter-ego of Kendrick's that's mentioned several times across DAMN. 

Yeow. That’s a shitload of symbolism. Check it out up top and unpack it as you will.