Jay Bulletproof's bringing the fire on new music Monday

new music 01/05/2017


This Colombian born Toronto based vocalist first popped up on my radar last year when Zane Lowe premiered her debut single “Figures”.  Since then she’s also appeared on Anna Lunoe’s Beats 1 show and for good reason. As much as I liked her voice on Figures I couldn’t help but wonder what she would sound like over more electronic styles of production. Enter her brand new single Blue Ribbon. Heavy beat’s, 808 bass and a fresh Jazz influenced bridge couple with Jessie’s melancholic vocal delivery made Blue Ribbon the standout track for me.

3.5 / 5


I may be late to the party but meet Russ. This New Jersey born Rapper has been bubbling away for a while now after being singed to Columbia Records and having his first two singles hit the Billboard TOP 100 Charts. This new single “Cherry Hill” is the latest offering from his forthcoming album There’s Really A Wolf due May 5. Peppering’s of Thom Yorke’esque vocal falsetto’s over a minimalistic but moody beat definitely caught my attention.

3 / 5


Chicago based OWSLA artist Aryay has been super busy recently, this guys originally got his break working as an intern for George FM favorites Flosstradamus, and eventually jumping on remix duty alongside Floss and LOUDPVCK to work his magic on Raury’s “God Whisper” and eventually caught his big break remixing Major Lazer’s “Be Together”.  Now, he’s teamed up with New Zealands very own Grammy winning vocalist “Kimbra” for this future bass inspired single “Always Wanted You.”

4 / 5


I’ve got sweet FA info on these guys. All I know is that they’re signed with Martin Garrix STMPD RCRDS and after checking out the labels previous releases, it’s fair to say these guys are definitely the pick of the bunch. Who knew Martin Garrix actually pushes good music? I know right? Part of these guys angle is to remain anonymous. What more can I say then, other than decent verses over decent beats and a catchy chorus with a cool video. 

4 / 5


Happy New Zealand Music Month!

The team from the 312 SWIDT are back just weeks after their latest appearance on NMM. Last time it was the infectious “Alfred & Church”. This time it’s their latest track ‘Little Did She Know’

With nearly 30k streams in 7 days and sitting at #11 on iTunes hip hop chart their latest single is the second instalment in a 4 Part series focusing on the guys teenage years growing up in Onehunga. If these last two singles are anything to go by, im pretty sure the boys from stoneyhunga are well on their way ti picking up one of those gold plated bottle openers from the VNZMA’s. This time it will have their name on it.

4.5 / 5


Young Gifted And Brokes MELOWDOWNZ is busy maintaining his release schedule, this time teaming up with NZ soulista Bailey Wiley for the laidback and “quintessentially Kiwi” riddim simply titled “The Anthem (Intro). 

What more can I say? Melodownz has consistently proven why he’s one of Aotearoas most in demand lyricists. The self proclaimed “Jack Sparrow of Rap, The Slipknot of Hip Hop” paired with Bailey Wiley - one of the smoothest singers NZ has to offer? This was always bound to result in a thing of beauty.

'The Anthem' is the first single taken from Melodownz forthcoming E.P. available to stream now on youtube. The single is accompanied by a video that reminds us all of the summer just past. What a way to kick off NZ Music Month.

5 / 5