NASH just released the inspired visual 'Know Thyself'

music videos 20/04/2017

Local rapper/producer NASH, a musician we love to spin on George Nights, has just released a short film titled 'Know Thyself.'

The film provides a stunning visual for two of his singles: 'New Year Old Me' and 'Respek the Vibe.'
Directed by the visionary Connor Pritchard (who has worked with other big George FM acts like Baynk and Ammonation), the finished film takes you on a polarising cinematic journey. 

To be the musician I hope to be, I have to practice versatility and gracefully play both sides of the fence.

The first half is filmed in black and white, largely set in a garage, NASH himself appears hazy, almost ghost-like.

Meanwhile, the second half bursts with colour but communicates a different kind of darkness, as we follow NASH through a day-in-the-life styled visual. The final shot shows the rapper/producer walking into a blue sky swigging a bottle of Jameson's in solitude.

Nash explains: "My inspiration for this visual.. one day I was randomly on Spotify and I realised the durations of 'New Year Old Me' and 'Respek The Vibe' are exactly the same, 1:41 seconds. Same length, same artist but sonically both songs are polar opposites." 

"'New Year Old Me' is a hard hitting anthem with distorted 808s whereas 'Respek The Vibe' has a House feel and I went with a more Electronic approach as far as the production goes." 

"This idea resonated with me as a Gemini because I read somewhere that we're a mix of Yin and Yang."

And that's why the symbol for our Zodiac Sign is the Twin Glyph to represent the concept of duality

"Hence the title 'Know Thyself' because to be the musician I hope to be I have to practice versatility and gracefully play both sides of the fence." 

If you want more NASH, Jay Bulletproof recently had him up in the George studios with a couple members from his Ammonation crew, Raiza Biza and Melodownz. Check out the podcast here.

Or just go straight to NASH's music: 

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