NGHTMRE’s DJ Snake remix is a melodic dream

new music 10/04/2017

NGHTMRE dropped his remix of DJ Snake's 'Here Comes the Night' to a frothing Ultra Festival crowd. Now, the highly talked about tune has been released for general public consumption.   

NGHTMRE is definitely NOT channeling his namesake in this new remix of DJ Snake’s huge hit ‘Here Come’s The Night'.

The remix is light, melodic, even dreamy.

A balancing act between trap and future bass, NGHTMRE has played up the euphoric side of your go-to trap horns in this remix.

DJ Snake’s original already had a shit load of twinkly sound effects, paired with  Mr. Hudson’s romantic vocals - it was undoubtedly a softer tune.

NGHTMRE’s taken this softer side, and run with it.

Initially hidden within the depths of DJ Snake’s enormous 2016 album Encore, ‘Here Come’s The Night’, has only recently blown up.

DJ Snake has released NGHTMRE’s remix alongside a slew of other high profile artists takes on the celestial tune.         

If the NGHTMRE take is too soft for ya, Crankdat and Shockone's remixes are rowdy af. Take them all in below.