Post Malone ordered 10,000 biscuits at Coachella

Coachella 18/04/2017

We imagine VIP Coachella parties like a rowdy scene from The Wolf of Wall Street...  A champagne fountain, next to the buffet of fancy cheeses, crackers and baba ganoush, opposite the cocaine table, while some scantily clad Margot Robbie look-a-likes float on giant fluoro swans in a beautiful pool, and the rich and famous sip on cocktails and drink glasses of Cristal…

Yeah. That sounds amazing. Right up until Post Malone took our fantasy and MADE IT BETTER.

The 'De Ja Vu' singer dropped $11,000 NZD on Popeye Postmate biscuits.

Yes. You read that right. We could buy three decent(ish) cars for the same price that Post Malone blew on BISCUITS for ONE PARTY.  

We knew the guy loved his snacks...

Check out TMZ's coverage of the Popeye Postmate Malone experience above.