There's a 10-episode Gorillaz TV show in the works

Gorillaz 11/04/2017

Q magazine interviewed Damon Albarn and Gorillaz animator Jamie Hewlett, during which Hewlett let slip that Gorillaz have a 10-episode television show in the works.

He hasn’t revealed where or when the show will broadcast, but we know it EXISTS!

Hewlett also conceded a DreamWorks film had been bandied about but never went to production because: “it was too dark to spend a couple of hundred million dollars on.”

All the more hype for this mysterious TV show.

Damon Albarn (Gorillaz mastermind) revealed that he and Hewlett’s relationship had broken down, and they hadn’t spoken for three years before they launched into the Humanz project.

He reiterated to Q that the LP is essentially a huge party for the end of world – following Trump’s election.

“How would you feel that night? Let’s make a party record about the world going fucking nuts.”

What’s really fucking trippy, is Albarn conceived the Humanz concept a year before Trump won.

Humanz Collaborator Pusha T told Zane Lowe about his experience coming into the Humanz project:

 “When I get over there, Damon begins to tell me the album’s a party for the end of the world if Trump were to win. This is conceptualized as a party for the world if Trump wins. I didn’t even want to think about it, but it did give me a colorful backdrop into just being like, ‘Say anything’ and attack all issues that I wanted to attack…Mind you I wrote from the perspective of this day…of a Trump win. Then I started wondering, ‘What type of crystal ball did this guy [Damon Albarn] have? Why are you even asking me to even think along these lines?' He really did; he was first. I don’t think that he thought he was going to win but he definitely conceptualized this whole thing.”

Gorillaz have already released five songs from Humanz and performed the project in its entirety in a London show. The album comes out April 28.