Diplo's new Bieber collab is so terrible he's deleted it off the face of the internet

Diplo 15/05/2017

Diplo dropped 'Bankroll' on May 11th, his new single featuring Young Thug, Rich the Kid and Justin Bieber.

Rolling Stone described the songs as "bouncy", others critics were slightly more cutting, using words like "WORST SONG OF THE YEAR RIGHT HERE" and "This is the worst thing I've ever heard."

Surprisingly, Bieber busting out a rap was actually one of the strongest parts of the song... so, if that's the bar, you know shit ain't good.

'Bankroll' has since been swiftly removed from SoundCloud. And although there's no official confirmation, the haters look to have had at least some influence on the song's disappearance.

In fact it looks like Diplo actually hates the song as much as everyone else, having personally retweeted a number of the more savage comments. 

Another Diplo single was released over the weekend, featuring controversial rap star XXXTenacion titled 'Looking for a Star'.

It's getting quite a bit of heat for being overly auto-tuned, probably even more so coming off the backend of the abysmal failure that is 'Bankroll', but we don't think it's so bad. Give it a listen and let us know your thoughts.