Tiki Taane's music has its own theatre show and he's about to take it on tour

interview 17/05/2017

Tiki Taane, the absolute legend came into George yesterday to tell us about his new show 'Tiki Taane Mahuta' where he'll be touring around the country and performing with his bro Sam Bora, from Shapeshifter. 

I've done some cool things, but this is definitely one of the coolest things I've done

"Live music, theatre, aerial performance, contemporary dance, kapa haka, mau rākau and hip hop unite in Tiki Taane Mahuta, one of New Zealand’s largest nationally-devised productions ever. Nine of our nation's leading performers will showcase on New Zealand's greatest stages, while Tiki Taane plays his soundtrack live with support from Shapeshifter's Sam Trevethick.

Tiki Taane Mahuta depicts two generations of New Zealand families and the tragedy, hope and redemption which connect them. Expanding beyond the 1996 and 2013 settings, the production explores the ancestral realm which oversees the characters’ whakapapa - genealogy. Tiki Taane Mahuta shows the importance of community rejuvenation and the strength found through connecting with whakapapa."


For someone to come along and choreograph a theatre show extravaganza to your music is just a dream come true.