WATCH: Chores new video ft. beautiful Kiwi model

music video 31/03/2017

Chore's hit single 'Gravitate' has been a George FM playlist fave since the end of last year. 

Now, finally, it's got the visual it deserves.

Directed by Tim Lambourne, the video follows the beautiful Kiwi model Katie Braatvedt through a day on the streets of New York. 

On the videos concept Thommy Simmons explains: "New York I love you but you are bringing me down."

"In an age when everyone posts their 'highlights' on Instagram, Snapchat, fax, Tinder and even Grindr... this video shows the inbetween, the daily, the mundane."

Lambourne added: "It's a bit of a reaction to the super shiny 'instalife' travel videos that proliferate across the internet these days, which aren't real life."

We had a chat with Thommy and Sam about 'Gravitate' late last year... only interviewing them after we made them do chores around the George office, cause we're real punny like that... and looking back on it, a little bit c**ty.

But, seen as Chores is part of the George fam, we've gotta give 'em a bit of shit right?

Check the interview and video out here and catch Thommy and Sam's show, Chorecast every Saturday on George FM.