Stream Calvin Harris' new album HERE and crank them feel good funky Friday vibes

Calvin Harris 30/06/2017

After months of hype, finally it's landed.

Yes. Calvin Harris' fifth studio album, Funk Waves Bounce Vol. 1 is here!

As his single's 'Slide', 'Rollin', 'Heatstroke' and 'Feels' would suggest, Calvin's taken a step away from the traditional EDM world and is spicing things up on this one - Smoothly sliding (or rollin?) into them funky tropical vibes.

And we likey. We likey a lot.   

The album is an uplifting funk experience, that's pulled in some of the biggest names in hip-hop right now, including; Frank Ocean, Pharrell, Schoolboy Q, DRAM, Future, Snoop Dogg and Lil Yachty.  

Dat funky-hip-hop-EDM crossover. I think I smell some Kaytranada and Anderson. Paak influences? Amirite? 

Running for 37 minutes, this album tranports you to a tropical island. Imagine yourself reclining in a pool chair, in the sun, drinking some tasty sangria, rocking the coolest of Hawaiian shirts and grooving to Calvin's tunes. 

Or maybe you'd rather picture yourself inside the happy, technicolour, acid trip that is Calvin's 'Feels' music video...

Yeah, lezbehonest... So would we. Don't know what the fuck is going on in this video and not hundies sold on the Katy Perry feature... But damn, it looks/sound very euphoric.

I'm getting sidetracked.


Gotta get this off my chest.

I was pretty hyped for the Snoop Dogg track 'Holiday', but it's sleepier than I expected. 

My actual highlights are:

Of course, 'Slide'. The tune was hailed by Billboard as the best song of 2017 - And we're defo on side with that sentiment here at George. 

'Cash Out'. Calvin chose this track to follow up 'Slide', a hard act to follow, but those synths fling you straight back to the 80's (a place I've always wanted to go, but was three years short...). Not to mention, DRAM, Schoolboy Q and PARTYNEXTDOOR's dope feature verses. Yep. This is a must listen. 

'Faking It', a slower, sadder jam - although, still undeniably funky - is also a highlight. Kehlani's vocals are standout. Even Lil Yachty proclaims: "She killed it... go Lani."

And a special mention to the final track, 'Hard To Love'. Jessie Reyez gives me chills. 

Stream the full album below. 

Roisin Kelly.
(AKA Ro the web girl)