Chores' new music video is so happy it'll make you wanna shit confetti

music video 29/06/2017

Two of our fave George boys, Sam and Thommy, aka Chores, have just had their new music video for the smash single 'Away' ft. Omega Levine, premiered on Vevo. 

Love your work boys. 

Directed by Connor Pritchard - the visionary behind a heap of other George artist's music videos, including BaynkNASH and Ammonation - the video largely depicts Omega belting out the tune against a technicolour background, alongside hot babes dancing in confetti.

What more could you want?  

Look out for Sam and Thommy's cheeky feature. 

And while we're on the subject of Chores, check out this banging remix Otsosan and Ayden Harris have produced of their earlier single 'Gravitate'.

Up for free download too!

You're welcome.