Dillon Francis and Flosstradamus are cooking up some Dillstradamus goodness

Dillon Francis 14/06/2017

Dillstradamus. A musical holy matrimony of the EDM gods. In the same ranks as Jack U and Afroki. 

We haven't heard any from this dream team since end of last year when Flosstradamus member Josh Young split from the duo, to focus on his solo career.

But Curt Cameruci was adamant the Flossy show would go on. He's been nailing it on his own for the last six months.

And if we're going by this pic that surfaced today, Dillstradamus lives on too.

Curt and Dillon Francis in a studio captioned "BACK AT IT."


Oh no, wait, we definitely do. 

This is fucking awesome.