Every single tune played at EDC Las Vegas has been compiled into one playlist

edc 03/07/2017

Haylee and Benny Boy would give aything to go back. So much so, they've played us EDC mix on mix on mix here in the George Office, and now we're all stuck in this EDC timewarp - playing the mixes and trying to pretend like we're at the utopia of rave candy and bangers and not our mundane day-to-day lives in the office...

Well, if you are on that buzz too, you're in major luck, cause Reddit has compiled a playlist of every song that was played.


Obviously the bootlegs and flips and secret artist tracks weren't available, but with close to 1,800 songs on this playlist, we're not complaining.

And if you're not on the buzz, you're about to get on it. 

Come next weekend, pop this on and you could be partying the whole time, no repeats. In, fact it'd take you close to a week of non-stop listening to get through this playlist in its entirety. 


Thanks Reddit.