Diplo reuploaded his highly criticised collab... without Bieber

Diplo 08/06/2017

'Bankroll' is back on SoundCloud.

After getting absolutely slammed by haters, Diplo swiftly removed 'Bankroll' from the face of the internet within 24 hours of its release. 

Check out our article on the whole debacle below.

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Today 'Bankroll' has made a return, but with one crucial difference... there's no Justin Bieber spitting bars in the middle of it. 

In the tracks description Diplo sheds some light on why there's no Biebs and even offes a free DL link to nab the OG tack... 

"Other artists made soundcloud take down the Justin Bieber version because they had exclusives with him, you can find it online here tho cause ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ we.tl/2tqKywSLzN"

Stream the tune below.

Did it deserve the hate it got first time round? Thoughts team?