TNGHT are making new music

music news 22/06/2017

TNGHT. The dream production team that is Hudson Mohawke and Lunice, responsible for huge bangers like 'Bugg'n', 'Goooo', 'Top Floor' and 'Higher Ground,' are back together. 


'Higher Ground' is arguably one of the most iconic and groudbreaking EDM tunes of the decade. 

Lunice and Hud Mo's self-titled 2012 EP, TNGHT, blurred the lines between hip hop and dance  and electronica in a whole new way.

They created a wildly experimental and grimy sound that was so addictive it found itself literally reaching 'Higher Ground' or well... a highly commerical audience.

And now five years later, the tunes are still getting air play and you'll be hard pressed to go to a major EDM gig without a little 'Higher Ground' getting mixed into the night.  

Shortly after this EP's release Hud Mo became production king for Kanye, creating huge beats for Yeezy including 'Mercy', 'I Am A God', 'Blood on the Leaves', 'Famous' and 'Waves'. As well as being sought out by major artists like Drake, Lil Wayne, A$AP Rocky and Pusha T. 

Lunice on the other hand went on to master the art of the remix, becoming one of the most respected in the business.

But now. Finally. They're both back in the studio. Making new music together. 

The news came from the mouth of Lunice himself, who talked about working with Hud Mo on an interview wirth Red Bull Music Academy.

No mention of when anything will drop, but we're dealing with genius right here, so whenever your ready boys, we're happy to wait.