Fans have been burning Dillon Francis, now he's gone dark on social media

Dillon Francis 20/07/2017

Shit's gone down between Dillon Francis and his fans. Shit so bad, he's gone off the radar on all social platforms.   

Last week, Dillon put out his new music video for his latest hit 'Say Less' featuring G. Eazy.

Understandably, Dillon was pretty hyped, and shared it on all of his socials with the "swipe up to see the full video" function on Instagram and Snapchat (yes, you can do that on Snapchat now).

Only apparently there were some glitches on Snapchat and his fans got vocal about it. Which caused Dillon to go on a rant about people needing to update their Snapchats and quit being dumb.

Then when he proceeded to push the video again on his Twitter, he got some sassy responses...

He had a very valid point. It's our JOB to keep up to date in the music world, and this is the first we'd heard of the video... 

But the Twitter haters seemed to push him over the edge... As twenty minutes later he vowed to go on a social media detox for the rest of 2017. 

He's been cold for five days and counting on all social platforms, which is a LOOONG time for the DJ/comedian, who has a STRONG social media presence.

Unsurprisingly, fans are now starting to eat their words, a couple of the mean tweets have been deleted and his fanbase is freaking the fuck out.

No Dillon! IDGAFOS! Fuck the haters! We love you. What is life without Gerald!? 

Fingers crossed this social media detox shit doesn't stick... 

While we wait on his return, check out Dillon's 'Say Less' music video up top (it's hilarious, of course) and send him some love on social. 

Roisin Kelly.