Hey Jacinda, here's your official invitation to drop a fire Hot Set on George Breakfast

Breakfast 02/08/2017

Hey Jacinda, 

Congrats on your new appointment. We're real excited about Major Labour. 

And now that you're in the running to be the next Prime Minister, with just seven weeks to go until the election, we figure you'll be doing the rounds with the NZ media - so, why don't you pop in to George and show off your fire taste in drum and bass?

We'll never forget your set at Laneway a couple years ago. We know you're dating our former Breakfast host Clarke Gayford. There's gotta be some sweet records at your house...   

And as Clint put it: 

"It's a chance to reach this audience, get on the George FM listeners level, and if you play a fire set imagine how many votes you could collect? There's half a million people around the country listening to this radio station, that would go a long way to getting them into the polls..."

"All young people too."

Cheers Tammy.

"The invite is official, the decks are open to you, you pick a day, we'll kick anyone off who's on the roster if you wanna come in and do it. 9-9.30, you already know that. I know you catch the hot set every day."  

The frothers are waiting Jacinda. 


It'd be rude not to...