Stormzy randomly turned up on Jeremy Kyle and the internet is freaking out

Vids 21/07/2017

In the latest episode of Jeremy Kyle we met Stormzy's biggest fan. And then he randomly turned up on the show to send his fan a heart-warming shout out.

Yes. Seriously. Stormzy made a surprise appearance on Jeremy Kyle.

Stormzy's biggest fan, despite what you may have expected, is not a 25-year-old lad who speaks like a chav, never takes his Beats by Dre off his neck and loves rocking grey-on-grey track suits. 

No, Stormzy's biggest fan is this adorable eight-year-old girl, Matilda, who appeared on Jeremy Kyle for an "inspiration" special, with parents paying tribute to their "hero" kids. 

Matilda is one of 20 people in the entire world who suffers from Sensenbrenner syndrome, an awful multisystem disease, which has forced her parents "to live day-by-day." 

Her parents say despite Matilda's difficult health problems "she's a real smiler," and loves Stormzy. A lot. To the point she can sing all his raps whenever he comes on the radio. 

No easy feat, that man has a fast af flow...

Watch Stormzy and Matilda's ridiculously heartwarming moment above. No judgment here if you need to crank the Kleenex.

Stormzy, you really hit us right in the feels here.

"Hear your a bit of a legend yourself Matilda... so big ups."


 Roisin Kelly
(Ro the web girl)