Chance the Rapper and his bro have joined forces on this new chuuuune

Chance's brother Taylor Bennett has an album on it's way, but to tie us over and hype us up, he's released a bunch of tracks on SoundCloud in a package called 'Throw Aways: Unixed'.

One of these SoundCloud exclusive tracks; 'Gimme A Call' gives us an ear on what the mega talented brothers sound like as a duo  (you might have heard them together previously on Taylor's 2015 release 'Broad Shoulders').

But we likey 'Gimme a Call. We likey a lot.

Slow burning gospel feels, sweet acapella and raw talent. Damn. What's not to like?

The track also feature The Social Experiment who had a huge influence on Chance's  album 'SURF'

And it's only available til the 26th of August, so give it a hoon now, while you can.