Kaytranada's remix of the Gorillaz' 'Strobelite' is an absolute jam

new music 21/08/2017

We've been jamming Kaytranada since his Janet Jackson remix blew our minds back in 2012... He got huge international props for his critically acclaimed '99.9% album, released last year, and visiting our shores to a sold out crowd of frothers at Auckland's Studio last October.

Since then, there's actually been a shit load of Kaytranada infused tunes and remix's he's released in 2017 - the man is famous for his prolific song-production after all - but this remix of the Gorillaz' latest single 'Strobelite' is quite possibly our favourite. 

Already, an undeniably funky track, now that Kaytranada's had his wicked way with the Gorillaz' beat, IT'S AN ABSOLUTE FUNK ANTHEM.  

Try - no really, try - NOT boogie to this track. I lasted about a minute before my arms started uncontrollably flailing about and my office wanted to know what was up.