Skrillex and Clint's 'Green Light' duet is the best thing you'll hear today

interview 30/08/2017

Clint caught up with Skrillex to talk about the OWSLA founder's fave New Zealand memories, recent work - including Skrill's new house banger with Poo Bear, potential future New Zealand visits... 

PLUS a one time, EXCLUSIVE Clint/Skrillex duet of Lorde's 'Green Light'.

And it's... a vibe... 


The um... the shark song... do they bite you? da da da da na na na


...Maybe stick to DJing, radio announcing and conquering the world through EDM music production though guys? 


Skrill was an absolute lad throughout the interview.

And we can't wait for Clint's birthday. Yep, Skrill said he'd come and Clint promised to pay for his fare. Better pull through on that mate, you've got us all frothy for a Skrilly party. 

Listen to Clint and Skrillex's full yarn below.