Brace yourselves! This new Chores banger will get you barred up for a huuuge weekend

new music 25/08/2017

If you're a friend of the dancefloor, down for a boogie, love chowing down on a disco biscuit, you're going to froth on this tune. 

In fact you'll probably be swinging coast to coast just from the sheer sound.  

Thommy, Sam, hats off to ya. 'By Your Side' is an absolute banger.

Featuring the vocals of Australian electronic super babe MC Red London, the song is a salute to the people who are always there for you, by your side. 

We gave the track its world premiere on George Breakfast yesterday and a listener texted in and asked;  "This might be a stupid question, but what kind of house is this?" 

To which Sam responded; "I don't know." 

Which makes us real happy, cause if the artist isn't going to wank on about genres and progressions and drops and blah blah blah, neither are we. 

So, instead, gather up your brochachos, your gal pals, your gf or bf, lover, brother, sister... just put your god damn work down already and groove into the weekend with this fresh Chores track

Side note, this is our favourite music video from the house duo yet.

Solid job on the directing front Tim Lambourne. Chores look like absolute rock stars. I mean, fuck, for a second there Thommy I thought you were a young Steven Tyler. 

Sam, great legs mate. 

The vid features footage from a heap of recent shows, including; Blue Sky, Deep Hard, Impala, plus a spot of karaoke (do love me some karaoke) a shout out from Peking Duk and even a few shots in the George studios with our very own General Lee.   

You've come a long way from that time you came up to the George offices to premiere 'Gravitate' and Dan made you do Chores first cause we're real punny like that...

Anyway, off to double, triple check this track is on the George playlist. 


Roisin Kelly
(Ro the web girl)