This new Kiwi hip hop anthem got a remix so gnashy it will make you lose your mind

new music 10/08/2017

Sid Diamond (AKA Young Sid from Smashproof) recently made his long awaited return, dropping his new club banger 'Problems' ft. Mikey Dam and Donell Lewis.

Lee Mvtthews are not here to fuck spiders, having already released their 'Problems' remix.

The tune's hook flips Jay-Z's iconic lyrics - with Sid Diamond chanting "I got 99 problems and they all bitches." 

On that note, the track is about sluzzy bitches at gigs who throw themselves at artists, knowing full well the artist is in a committed relationship. 

"Trying to get in free in all your shows, saying that your girl is beautiful, then trying to holler on the low." 

Bitches. Amirite?
The Lee Mvtthews boys are both in long-term deals with their missus', so maybe Sid's lyrics struck a chord? 

Whatever it is, we love your work boys. This remix is FILTHY. 

Stream the track here.

And if you're in Auckland this month, catch Tom and Graham hosting a club night down at Britomart's sweetest new venue, REC on the 25th.

You'll get to take in the Lee Mvtthews' live set in all its gnashy glory.

AND we reckon you'll get the exclusive first listen of a couple tracks we're certain they've got up their producer sleeves...

Lee Mvtthews are prolific, like good, Catholic women - only with dank beats instead of babies.

Check out all the event details here.

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And if you're still here, why not check out Lee Mvtthews socials? They've got plenty more dank beats to lose your mind to...   

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