Will Smith just dropped a bassy banger called 'Get Lit' and it's ridiculous

new music 30/08/2017

2017 will now be known as the year Trump became President, and Will Smith made a musical comeback...

If you've been waiting for a 'Gettin' Jiggy Wit It' 2.0 for the last 18 years, well today is your lucky day. Over the weekend at Livewire Festival in England, Will Smith teamed back up with DJ Jazzy Jeff.

Of course they performed their classics like 'Men In Black', 'Just The Two Of Us' and 'Miami' but it's what they ended their set with that has got everyone talking. They've proved that they can still get 'jiggy wit it' (sorry we just couldn't help ourselves) by debuting their brand new bass banger 'Get Lit.'

And it's ridiculous. 

The track starts with a reggae-inspired rhythm, building the tempo with synths and bass before going hundies on the drop, or rather shit 'gets lit'on the drop 

Side note, great dance moves Will. Looking good. 

Watch the full vid above.