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Childish Gambino teases a mixtape with Chance the Rapper

music news 19/09/2017

Donald Glover (a.k.a Childish Gambino) had a pretty good night at the Emmys, winning two awards and becoming the first black man to be regarded best director for a comedy.

However, the big news from the awards concerned Childest Gambino's long rumoured collab with Chance the Rapper. Backstage at the awards when asked about his upcoming projects, he said:

I feel like if I don't make a Chance the Rapper mixtape... a bunch of 14 year olds are gonna kick my ass.

I feel like I gotta do something. I probably will. 

After these comments, we should be hopeful for a collaboration in the future.

The pair worked together in 2013, so anything’s possible. A Chlidish Gambino and Chance the Rapper mixtape was first rumoured back in 2014.