Take a breather, listen to Kings' new track 'Intermission'

new music 04/09/2017

Every Friday this month, Kiwi performing artist/producer KINGS (Kingdon Chapple-Wilson) has shared a new track off his upcoming album Chapter One, revealing the different stories and sides to his debut album.

Last Friday he shared the third new track to be revealed in the album lead up called 'Intermission'. Unique in texture and feel from the previous track 'HYLMN', this smooth rolling new track projects a more ethereal ambiance. It's a slow-burning intermission - a confessional reflection, a break before the almighty storm brewing.
Listen to 'Intermission' here:

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Stay tuned for the release of his hot new track 'We'll Never Know' available on all DSPs next Friday 8th September.

Pre-order 'We'll Never Know' on iTunes here