Geezers get excited, The Streets have announced a 2018 tour

music news 10/10/2017

UK garage pioneer Mike Skinner is bringing back The Streets for a 2018 tour, seven years after he retired the project. 

Unfortunately, at this stage he's only announced UK dates.

But dry your eyes mate, we're going to stay positive, let's push things forward, if the tour's successful we could well be in, and maybe we'll getting blinded by the lights too...  

Moving on from bad song puns, here's what Skinner had to say about his upcoming return:

“I’ve missed tour buses very much. Which is the least of the reasons why I have decided to tour The Streets again. The other thing I’ve missed is trying to think up what I’m going to say in the gap between the songs. When you DJ they tell you that you don’t need a tour bus and you don’t need to think up things to say between the songs. But seriously, it’s been long enough. With my Tonga parties, the new rap and grime MC’s I have been producing and the DJing, I have been living with music since making The Streets for nearly as long as I made The Streets. I’m not the guy smoking in the car anymore though, I have become the guy in the club, so I hope I will be excused for putting on after parties in nightclubs after every show”.

What a lad.