K+Lab & Truth went live on George and it'll make you mad proud of the NZ electronic music scene

live 29/11/2017

On the eve of the 2017 VNZMA's we were lucky enough to get two of the contenders gunning for the top electronic award live in the George studios.

Yes, both Truth and K+lab turn up to the George studios and drop half hour mixs.

Absolute homegrown heat - funky goodness from K+Lab, Truth bought the bass (of course). 

With talent like this earning the recognition they deserve, we couldn't be more stoked about the NZ electronic music scene right now.

Shout outs to each and everyone of you that supports the music. Buying tickets to their gigs, purchasing their albums, streaming their, spreading the word and the love, everything counts.

The live stream below sounds a bit shoddy at the start (sorry team) but if you skip the first couple minutes, you're on fire.