Kiwi babe Sammie just debuted her first track and it's an absolute belter

new music 22/11/2017

Resident George DJ Sammie Whitaker has made a soiree into music production with her debut track ‘Time’ – it starts out as a soft, slow burner but warps into an absolute belter.

'Time' is vulnerable, sweet, catchy and banging, simultaneously. Which ironically, is much like how we’d describe Sammie herself.

Yep, Sammie’s an enigma and we were very excited to hear her debut… She has not let us down.

‘Time’ features a gnashy bassline that’d make Boombox Cartel proud and a vocal feature from the one and only Omega Levine  - who you might recognise from the Chores track ‘Away’ (it had a few radio plays on the George playlist… just a few...)

He gave me a kick to stop being a wuss and release some music already.

TMS lended a hand on production, while Sammie co-produced the tune and wrote and performed the vocals herself with Omega. 

Damn girl, we didn’t know you had a voice like that on ya!

She’s dedicated the song to a friend called Reuben, who sadly passed away last yeat.

Sammie explained to George how Reuben inspired her.

 "(He) gave me a kick to stop being a wuss and release some music already which is why I dedicated it to him.”

We’re stoked you did release this banger Sammie, and we can’t wait to hear more!

Give ‘Time’ a spin below and catch Sammie live DJ set at Northern Bass!

Roisin Kelly
(Ro the web girl)