Lorde leaves pressies hidden around the country for fans

Lorde 09/11/2017

As pop superstar Lorde tours the country, she's leaving her Kiwi fans a series of 
treasures along the way. 

The 'Green Light' singer tweeted before her Christchurch show on Wednesday that she'd left a package behind the statue of Frank the Orangutan outside Rollicking gelato on Hereford Street.

"CHRISTCHURCH: little package behind this fellow" she captioned the photo.

Rollickin Gelato reposted the image, asking for whoever had managed to score the secret gift to come forward.

The gelato store made an ice-cream especially for the pop princess' birthday, calling it 'Melondrama' to pay tribute to her album.

"Happy Birthday Ella - Stop by for a scoop on us (we're just around the corner from where you're performing) Have an awesome time in Christchurch!" they wrote.  

Lorde did the same for her Dunedin fans before her show there on Tuesday night.

"DUNEDIN: left a little package in the city library behind this book. See you tonight" she captioned an image of a book in the Dunedin City Library.

The packages reportedly contained two tickets to the respective shows, as well as a t-shirt from the tour's merchandise range. 

Some of the singer's biggest fans have turned out for the shows around the country, with Dunedin concert-goers camping out at the concert venue since dawn on Tuesday ahead of her show.

Lorde will play another show in Christchurch on Thursday night, as well as shows in Wellington and Auckland later this week and next. Eagle-eyed fans will no doubt be on the lookout for more surprises in the respective cities.