The Kimbra/Skrillex collab is finally here and it will make you feel on 'Top of the World'

new music 10/11/2017

The highly anticipated collab between our very own two-time Grammy Award-winner Kimbra and the pioneer of electronic gnash, your boy Skrillex, is finally here.

‘Top of the World’co-produced by Skrillex, is Kimbra's follow up single to her hit 'Everybody Knows'. The track is taken from her third full-length album, PRIMAL HEART — produced by Kimbra and John Congleton (Future Islands, John Grant and St Vincent)—which will be released January 19, 2018.

Warner music describe ‘Top of the World’ as a track that "stands out as a dynamic and hypnotizing anthem, inspired as much by bass heavy beats as it is global grooves." 

We'd call it a bloody banger.

Anyway enough chat, get it in your ear holes.

On another Kimbra note, Warner music put us onto the Oslo-based duo Apothek who reworked ‘Everybody Knows’.

The  music video, directed by Chester Travis shows a poignant and thought-provoking look at domestic violence, highlighting both sides of oppression.

Kimbra herself was moved by the flip, saying "It evoked new depth in the lyrics and had this hypnotizing patience to it with a quiet kind of violence and also a soft, strange intimacy. I felt like I was hearing the song & its meaning (even to myself) in a whole new way."