Alison Wonderland makes Coachella history as highest billed female DJ

music news 08/01/2018

It is obvious that some sexism still exists in the dance music industry. That being said some seriously badass women are breaking through every glass ceiling imaginable and making sure that the once boys club of EDM is becoming a co-ed throw down.

Coachella's line up dropped this week and many fans were talking about unique placement of some acts.

Alison Wonderland reps the third line of the under card which makes her the highest billed female DJ in the history of Coachella!

Part of destigmatizing women in music and, in fact, promoting them, is to stop thinking of them in terms of “female DJs” and just “DJs.” However, this is a stat that is worthy of mention and in fact demonstrates how far female DJs and musicians overall have come in even just the past few years.