Broods' Georgia Nott goes solo with new album created entirely by women

music news 19/01/2018

Our girl Goergia is sick of being the only chick in the room, and unlike many 'social activists', has actually done something about it.

Nott knows that this is a universal problem, especially operating within the male-dominated music world. 

So the fellow New Zealander came up with her own solution: The Venus Project, her solo album created completely by women.

Yarning to Hapers Bazaar, Georgia delved into the true intention of the project and why now, more than ever, couldn't be a better time for women to stand up for they pay and respect they deserve.

I think there comes a point where you stop just thinking it's normal and you start to realize that, actually, this is kind of f*cked that I'm the odd one out all the time.

"It feels awesome to be surrounded by really super strong women that are changing how they present themselves to the world to bring about change and saying what they want to say."

"From an outside perspective, the music industry seems to have a lot of strong and powerful women in it, which is totally true, but then you look behind the scenes and everybody there has worked on these albums with men, and there's hardly any female producers getting recognized, there's not a lot of female engineers, mixers, masterers and artists getting the recognition they deserve. I know that there are women out there that do this. I know for a fact, and I know that they're good. There's been a ridiculous amount of albums that have been made fully by men, so why can't we just do one that's all f*cking women."

Georgia also told the magazine that her older brother, Caleb, the other half of Broods, is also working on solo music (which she loves). But don't worry, they're still making music together.

To read the full interview about The Venus Project, hopes for 2018, and her inspiration - click here.

Credit: Harpers Bazaar