Ladi6 'nearly dies', rushed to hospital in a helicopter

music news 07/02/2018

Ah, Waitangi Day. The one day Kiwis get to lap up the sun, and lax out over a few bevos on the deck with not a fuck given... Not so much the case for our homegirl Ladi6.

Don't worry, she's all good, but this is pretty damn hectic!

On a day trip to Mathesons Bay, Ladi6 suffered a severe allergic reaction that completely closed her throat up, wiping her in and out of consciousness...

She took to Facebook to detail how it all went down:

So crazy! I had a severe allergic reaction to a bee sting in Mathesons Bay yesterday at 7pm and nearly died, as my throat was closing and I was losing consciousness.

She continued, "I had to be flown to Auckland hospital by the Westpac Rescue Helicopter. I'm fine now tho, a combo of quick thinking from a combo of people who I love and love me, & complete strangers saved my life."

"Thank you to the Snells beach ambulance service, Leigh Fire service & Westpac rescue helicopter, but mostly my husband @parks1981 My neice and nephew @anahera.skipper, @lord_major_9th & my son @bane_of_all_soup for holding me down. Literally I was swollen with itchy hives all over my body, my face & throat were swelling shut within minutes of a single bee sting from a regular honeybee..feeling extremely grateful, contemplative & alive!"