Start sussing out your clashes, the Laneway '18 set times just dropped

music news 22/01/2018

It’s that time of year, lads... We’re only a couple of weeks out from Laneway Festival 2018, and the prep has already kicked off.

You got it, the Laneway 2018 set times are here, so it’s time to end a few friendships over the timetable.

Who do you rate more: your mates, or your favourite bands?

Final tickets are available now. With a killer line-up and a stunning location, all signs point to Laneway 2018 being another sell-out event. Click here for ticketing info.

Here they are! Remember, you can always keep track on the ground with the official app, which is available on iOS and Android.

Photo credit: St. Jerome's Laneway Festival 2018
Photo credit: St. Jerome's Laneway Festival 2018